Greetings! I am Moonstar of Nightclan. I'm working on getting a clan set up. so I would love to have some assistance because I'm new here. other than that I'm usually free to roleplay anytime!


Long black furred she-cat with pail blue eyes and grey tipped tail and is 38 moons

Clan territory:

The territory is in a thick forest the dens are in thick brush and in tree stumps the leaders den is in a large tree stump

Please join all ranks needed!

Names and ranks of members will be listed below!

Name: Night paw/ night shade (apprentice, warrior) Gender: female Pelt: grey She-cat with a black tail Eyes: amber Crush: none Mentor: Frostmist, Badgerfang of the dark forest Clan: Night clan Mate: Frostmist (later) Kin; daughter of Moonstar

Name: Frostmist (warrior) Gender: tom Pelt: grey tabby Eyes: dull green Crush: Nightpaw Apprentice: Nightpaw Clan:Night clan Mate: Night shade (later)

name: Light heart

looks: a yellow she with diffrent shades of yellow (aka tabby) a white under belly and blue eyes

mate: willow stream (a grey and white she with short fur and yelllow eyes)  (died by a hunter shooting her in the head later) and yes, they are les

kits: Lion kit (a dark golden tabby tom with long fur and yellow eyes), web kit (a white she with blue eyes and a grey stripe across her back)

kin: Sun stream (mother that soon died after giving birth to her and her sister) Silent breath (her sister that got murdered) 

ts (aka theme song): youth

clan: Meadow clan