Time to create your own WC!:D

Time for your prefix(First part of your new name) If your name was Ubrla, you would go down to U and find a prefix you like! :D

A-Apple, Flower, Dapple & Wind

B-Cedar, Stream & Turtle

C-Raccoon, Spirit, River & Horse

D-Dread, Jinx, Fire & White

E-Cloud, Fallen, Silver, Water & Feather

F-Toad, Step & Clawed

G-Ice, Yew & Death

H-Hollow & Tree

I-Glacier, Squirrel & Air

J- Ash, Badger, Mewl & Oak

K-Birch, Sparrow & Killer

L-Lemon & Berry

M-Dawn, Dusk, Howl & Evergreen

N-Hiss, Pine & Aurora

O-Moon, Scar & Aura

P-Princess, Snow & Fluffy (LOL)

Q-Quail & Bush

R-Wren, Swift & Bright

S-Heart & Soul

T-Defiant, Snarl & Blossom

U-Wet, Blizzard & Tunnel

V-Fallow & Bark

W-Black, Patch & Stone

X-Beautiful & Shimmer

Y-Lion, Tiger, Leopard & Cheetah

Z-Striped,Rebel, Marrow & Smoke

Now that you have your prefix, lets give you your suffix, we're going on a scale 1-20. That's your age, stop at your age and look at the suffix you want!

1-Heart, Stream & Soul

2-Fall, Cold & Shard

3-Dirt & Tail

4-Pelt, face & Belly

5-Foot & Feet

6-Fang,shine & Nod


8-Fire, Breeze & Curt

9-Horror, Night & Yarrow

10-Leaves, Cinder & Coma

11-Leaf & Flower

12-Feather, Gaze & Shadow

13-Robin & Grapes

14-Stripe, Midnight, Reflection & Hope

15-Glance, Quick, Storm & Idle

16-Brown & Muddy

17-Faith,Flight & Cloud

18-Flame, Kink & Shrew

19-Blood, Life & Death

20-Peace & Knife

Now you have your full name! Lets choose your clan, our scale this time is favorite colors. Pick your favorite color and then you have your clan!






Now you have your cat, you can choose his/her's gender and fur and eye color! :D I am Featherleaves of Skyclan! :D

Hope you enjoyed!